Open Studios @ Sausalito

"Blades of Grass." (c) 2011 by Benjamin Vess, all rights reserved.

"Blades of Grass." (c) 2011 by Benjamin Vess, all rights reserved.

More info on this piece
Title: “Blades of Grass.”
Medium: Digital photography, iPhone
Date created: 2011
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So, today, Andy and I, with a friend, decided to go out and see some studios, meet some artists of Marin county. But, of course, first, we had some rocking meatless breakfast. Now, y’all already know I’m not such a big fan of carcass-less meals; however, this one truly rocked. Andy wants the recipe and I want him to make it at least once a week!

Anyhoos, the first artist we met did encaustic paintings and they were quite pretty. Kinda like melted wax on sheet metal; but, with a shiny finish. Of course, I’m looking at the price tags here and there thinking a couple things to myself.

(note to self: now that I’ve taken the first step in everything, it’s time to start working on the second step!)

The artist explained the entire process to Elinor, Andy, and myself and then offered us to attend one of her workshops. I’m definitely going to go! I already have a few ideas I want to experiment with; but, I’ll wait until then.

We met a few more artists and ventured around a few more studios — but, they’re for another entries!


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