Artist Trading Card: Blue Cityscape

"Blue Cityscape." (c) 2012 by Benjamin Vess. All rights reserved.

“Blue Cityscape.”
original painting, 2012.
Acrylic on card stock paper primed in gesso.
Click here to bid on this card!

ACEO Original Painting by Benjamin Vess titled, “Blue Cityscape.” Each card is hand painted with acrylics after a careful selection of card-stock paper and prepping with a light layer of gesso in order to ensure its archival quality. All of my ACEO originals come in a protective plastic covers.

Each card is titled and signed by me, the artist.

These cards are really a continuance of what I’ve been doing for This style, the primitive folk art, seems to be well liked; so, I’m keeping that collection well stocked. I was thinking of making limited edition photographic prints as ACEO for this set.

Right now, my focus is kind of stuck on the Artist Trading Cards. The bigger pieces are kind of held up in limbo while I’m churning these out. Oh well.

The plan with this is to continue making similar cards in different colors and probably sell each at $1.99. Yep, an original at $1.99! I’ve seen them framed; so, at least, that is possible. I’ve already ordered a couple of those through eBay. I’ll be posting about my new “collection” of original ACEOs by other artists in due time.

Hopefully, I’ll be making enough sets of trading cards to release at least a couple new sets every week.

Additional Stuff

Also, I’m doing some sort of experiement — pitting against EBay. I couldn’t help but notice that there’s a huge ACEO culture going on at eBay and got tempted to dabble with that; however, that’s not to say that etsy doesn’t have a healthy body of ACEO works, they’re just significantly pricier.

As of this writing, there weren’t any bids on the three ACEO cards I put up for sale at EBay nor was any sold from my etsy store. So, the game is on!


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