Peace Card 1

Peace Card 1, 2012.

“Peace Card 1”
Mixed media on Artist Trading Card
2.5×3.5 inches. 2012.

The Peace Cards

As of this writing, I’m a bit obsessed with making them wee cards and the set after the hearts was the Peace cards. I’m working on several pieces simultaneously and as I’m finishing up the main 5 by 7 piece, I couldn’t help but make a few ATC along the way. 

This one is titled “Peace Card 1,” and I have a couple more along the way. With this one, I had wanted to see how that zentangle pattern would work with the peace signs, without the layering — it didn’t turn out too badly. Subtle is what it is. 

For more information on zentangle, click here. For more info on Artist Trading Cards, click here.

Peace Card 1

For this piece, I used a page from a dictionary bound to a heavy card stock back. I was going for a more subtle look and definitely not playing with the dictionary backdrop. I think I kind of shorted changed the number of peace symbols going on, one could overlook them easily. Otherwise, I think it’s a good piece. A good start.

This unframed ATC/ACEO will come in its own plastic card protector.There is no shipping cost for this art work, if shipped in the United States.

Full size image of Peace Card 1

2 Responses to “Peace Card 1”
  1. This is very nice. I am a HUGE fan of your art!

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