Holding on to Love

Holding on to Love, framed.

“Holding on to Love”
Photographic fine art print, limited edition of 10.
8×10 inches. 2012.
$14 (click here to buy)

This piece was made as a first attempt to see what it would be like trying to combine the effect of a sticker atop the dictionary page back; however, I felt the piece was a bit too subtle. Fortunately, this kind of subtlety is exactly what was needed to create this fine art print. This picture earns a place on my top ten.

Note that the frame doesn’t come with the picture.

Photographic Prints

One of the things I decided to do in order to keep the artist trading cards prices at $4 each (all of my cards are originals) is to create a photographic print with a limited edition run of ten each. Since the prints themselves are their art work in their own right, I figured I could maximize the artistic value of my pieces further by putting out fine art prints of the cards.

All prints are 8×10 inches on glossy, archival photo paper. Each are signed and numbered by the artist. Limited edition run of ten prints, 2012. They come enclosed in their own plastic sheet protector.

Shipping for the US is .99 cents!

Holding on to Love, full image

2 Responses to “Holding on to Love”
  1. Great idea. Are you able to put these on Etsy or something? They are really awesome!!! šŸ™‚

  2. BenVess says:

    So far I could put them on etsy if my computer stays on long enough. I added my etsy shop on the navigation menu called “The Art Shop.”

    Hopefully later today I can get a power adaptor for my Mac and put them all on etsy for once and for all haha

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