The Punk

Homoerotica: The Punk. 2012.

Homoerotica: The Punk
Mixed media on watercolor paper.
9×12 inches. 2012.
July 3, 2012

With this piece, I was trying to figure out which pose from that angle would look best and experiment a bit with the mix between ink and watercolors. I think I may have underdone the watercolor; however, I really didn’t want the colors to take away from the subject.


This theme has strong resonance for me as an artist. My gay culture, for my entire childhood, has been treated as if it was taboo (no, it’s not, really.) and I believe that opened the door to different avenues of thinking and perceiving the world around me. My first real exposure to this genre was works done by Tom of Finland. When I was living in New York, this genre was starting to become prolific.

Now, as an artist who is easily influenced by what is around me, I felt it was appropriate to contribute to this genre. This isn’t the first set of homoerotica, you can see more of my older works of this genre below:

Sketch of Le Orgy
Homoerotica: The Pair


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