Gallaudet: A Portrait

Gallaudet (Limited Edition of 50) Blockprint, ink on hemp paper 2012, limited set of 50. 4.5×6″ I was working on a couple of mixed media pieces with Gallaudet in it and then thought to myself that I should do a blockprint type of art with his portrait on it. After tweaking around with a couple … Continue reading

American Bullet

"American Bullet." (c) 2011 by Benjamin Vess, all rights reserved.

More info on this piece Title: “American Bullet” Dimensions: 9×12″ Medium: Chalk pastels and charcoal on paper Date created: 2005 Click here to buy this piece! Back when my mom was still married to my stepadad and living in our Virginia Beach house, we would only be allowed to smoke in the garage — not … Continue reading

American Flag in Blue

"Blue American Flag" (c) 2011 by Benjamin Vess. All Rights Reserved.

More info on this piece
: Title: “Blue American Flag.” 
Dimensions: 16×14″ 
Medium: Acrylic on wood.
 Date created: 2011 Click here to buy this piece! This painting was inspired by a piece done by an artist I can’t seem to remember. My sister and I saw it at the national gallery of art in Washington DC … Continue reading