Medusa on Brown

"Medusa on Brown." (c) 2005 by Benjamin Vess, all rights reserved.

More info on this piece Title: “Medusa on Brown” Dimensions: 9×12″
 Medium: Chalk pastels on paper 
Date created: 2005 Click here to buy this piece! Like with “The Stranger,” this is one of my older pieces. As I’ve already mentioned before, I have a little fixation on the Greek mythological character, Medusa (as you can … Continue reading

A Singing Bird

"A Singing Bird." (c) 2011 by Benjamin Vess, All Rights Reserved.

More info on this piece: Title: “A Singing Bird” Dimensions: 6×9″ Medium: Hemp paper with 75% post consumer recycled material, unframed. Date created: 2011 This piece has been sold. Today, I’ve been working on a couple of ideas from Facebook. Apparently, I’m starting to take in requests from friends on Facebook regarding what to make. … Continue reading