The Punk

Homoerotica: The Punk Mixed media on watercolor paper. 9×12 inches. 2012. July 3, 2012 Watercolor $25 With this piece, I was trying to figure out which pose from that angle would look best and experiment a bit with the mix between ink and watercolors. I think I may have underdone the watercolor; however, I really … Continue reading

Sketch of “Le Orgy”

Sketch of "Le Orgy." (c) 2011, All Rights Reserved by Benjamin Vess

More info on this piece Title: “Le Orgy” Dimensions: 12×12″ Medium: Pen on hemp/recycled paper. Date created: 2011 Currently not for sale. I like porn, don’t get me wrong. Unfortunately, not all of them turns me on and, more often than not, I have to go through many videos that doesn’t turn me on before … Continue reading