The Punk

Homoerotica: The Punk Mixed media on watercolor paper. 9×12 inches. 2012. July 3, 2012 Watercolor $25 With this piece, I was trying to figure out which pose from that angle would look best and experiment a bit with the mix between ink and watercolors. I think I may have underdone the watercolor; however, I really … Continue reading

Art Journal: 14 July 2012

Putting on the artist cap. This morning I had an epiphany and decided to go with it. I’m going to put my zentangle phase to a close and put all the good pieces up on Yep, this includes all of the Peace set and a couple of mixed media. I’m not able to find … Continue reading

Single Red Balloon

“Single Red Balloon” Photographic fine art print, limited edition of 10. 8×10 inches. 2012. $14 (click here to buy) After being frustrated with the heart ballon, I decided to go back to the basics and do balloons. This bunch looked good and I thought a little bit of red was due in place. Voila. Photographic … Continue reading

Red Heart Balloon (ATC)

“Red Heart Balloon” Mixed media on Artist Trading Card 2.5×3.5 inches. 2012. $4 With this one, I had wanted to experiment more with zentangles but not be so restrained by it being ink on paper. The earlier piece I did was without the zentangle and the balloon didn’t really show well; so, I added the … Continue reading

EcoArt: Reusing Materials for Art

"A Red Heart" (c) 2011 by Benjamin Vess. All Rights Reserved.

More info on this piece: Title: “A Red Heart” Dimensions: 10×8″ in a 12×12 frame Medium: Mixed media, framed and ready to hang. Date created: 2011 This piece has been sold. One of the things I’ve been inclined to do in the past year or so is to create the canvases out o reused materials … Continue reading