Single Red Balloon

“Single Red Balloon” Photographic fine art print, limited edition of 10. 8×10 inches. 2012. $14 (click here to buy) After being frustrated with the heart ballon, I decided to go back to the basics and do balloons. This bunch looked good and I thought a little bit of red was due in place. Voila. Photographic … Continue reading

A Gnat on White Flowers

"A Gnat on White Flowers." (c) 2011 by Benjamin Vess, all rights reserved.

More info on this piece Title: “A Gnat on White Flowers.” Medium: Digital photo, iPhone Date created: 2011 Click here to buy a print of this image! I thought I’d take advantage of this photo to talk more about the new iPhone lens a good friend gave me: the olloclip. Their slogan is: “Changing the … Continue reading