"Medusa." (c) 2011 by Benjamin Vess, All Rights Reserved

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 Title: “Medusa.” 
Dimensions: 11×14″
 Medium: Acrylic on linen art board.
 Date created: 2011 Click here to buy this piece! Medusa has been a big part of my artistic growth, I think. If one looks back at my old, dusty archives of artwork I’ve done when younger, you shall see Medusa … Continue reading

A White Tree

"A White Tree" (c) 2011 by Benjamin Vess, All Rights Reserved.

More info on this piece: Title: “A White Tree” Dimensions: 5×7″ Medium: EcoArt (cardboard), unframed. Date created: 2011 This piece has been sold. I figured, since I’m already on a roll with the trees, why not continue. In fact, I think I have one, maybe two more laying around. I’ll get them posted. I finished … Continue reading