Artist Trading Card: Blue Cityscape

“Blue Cityscape.” original painting, 2012. Acrylic on card stock paper primed in gesso. Click here to bid on this card! ACEO Original Painting by Benjamin Vess titled, “Blue Cityscape.” Each card is hand painted with acrylics after a careful selection of card-stock paper and prepping with a light layer of gesso in order to ensure … Continue reading

American Flag in Blue

"Blue American Flag" (c) 2011 by Benjamin Vess. All Rights Reserved.

More info on this piece
: Title: “Blue American Flag.” 
Dimensions: 16×14″ 
Medium: Acrylic on wood.
 Date created: 2011 Click here to buy this piece! This painting was inspired by a piece done by an artist I can’t seem to remember. My sister and I saw it at the national gallery of art in Washington DC … Continue reading